Curriculum vitae

Nicolas Parisey

Research Engineer INRAE, PhD, HDR
Head of the Demecology team (website)


Domaine de la Motte, BP 35327, 35653 Le Rheu cedex, France
+33 (0)2 23 48 51 95

Areas of interest:

My research focuses on the importance of the dynamics of spatial processes for understanding living things, with applications ranging from intracellular compartments to agroecosystems. My research theme is, in fact, at the intersection of the fields of systems biology, ontologies, landscape ecology, behavioural ecology and population dynamics.

Publications : my google scholar

Education and Career:

• Habilitation : "Dynamics of life and spatial processes" ; before a jury composed of Marie-Josée Fortin, Alfredo I. Hernández, Pierre Magal, Fabien Baldacci, Étienne Klein and Éric Wajnberg (2017)

• Research Engineer at UMR INRAE 1349 "Institut de Génétique, Environnement et Protection des Plantes" (2009-)

• Lecturer (A.T.E.R.) ; teaching in Biomathematics and BioInformatics, Université Bordeaux 1 et 2 ; research in modeling of oxidation-reduction phenomena, LaBRI (2007-2009)

• PhD : "Multi-Agent modeling and simulation of oxido-reduction phenomena with application to Complex III of the respiratory chain". Supervisors : Marie-Noëlle Beurton-Aimar and Jean-Pierre Mazat, Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique (LaBRI), UMR 5800 CNRS, Bordeaux (2003-2007)

• M.Sc., Bioinformatics, Université Bordeaux 1 & 2 (2002-2003)

• M.Sc., Biological Sciences, Université Lyon 1 & ENS Lyon (2001-2002)

Projects et collaborations

Current coordination of research projects

2019-2022 ANR Clonix2D (WG4) : The genetic consequences of partial clonality in populations colonizing new areas ; leader of workgroup 4. The leader of the whole project is Solenn Stoeckel  (Researcher, Demecology Team)

2017-2021 FEDER GWASSICA (WP3) : Limiting the impact of climatic hazards on cauliflower through varietal creation and the development of phenotyping tools, leader of workpackage 3 (website)

Current participation in research projects
2021-2026 PPR PheroSensor : Early detection of pest insects using pheromone receptor-based olfactory sensors.

2019-2023 CASDAR ATIPICAL : Updating and perpetuation of knowledge and biological and molecular resources on rapeseed leaf diseases.

2018-2020 INRA SPE INVAMAT : Evolvability of invasive species by modelling the demogenetics of invasive populations in spatially-explicit contexts.

Supervised PhDs

2016-2019 Linh Lê Vãn : Automatic landmarking for 2D biological images, image processing with and without deep learning methods

Supervised by Marie Beurton-Aimar (Lecturer, HDR, Univ. Bordeaux) and Akka Zemmari (Lecturer, HDR, Univ. Bordeaux)

2014-2017 Benoît BellotSampling strategies to improve knowledge of the ecological processes governing the population dynamics of benefical insects.

Supervised with Jacques Baudry (Research Director INRAE) and Sylvain Poggi (Researcher INRAE)

2013-2016 Yoann BourhisPopulation dynamics and multi-scale dependence on agricultural landscapes

Supervised with Anne-Marie Cortessero (Professor Univ. Rennes 1 ) and Sylvain Poggi (Researcher INRA)

2012-2015 Rui Catarino : Modelling the economic impacts of the growth of genetically modified crops in the EU.

Supervised by Professor Julian Park, Dr. Francisco Areal and Dr. Graziano Ceddia (Univ. Readings)

2010-2013 Mamadou CissSpatio-temporal modelling of the wheat aphid dynamics at the scale of Metropolitan France.

Supervised with Jean-Sébastien Pierre (Professor Univ. Rennes 1 ) and Charles-Antoine Dedryver (Reasearch Director INRAE)

Scientific animation of team and networks

Head of the Demecology Team Since 2016, leader of the “Dynamics, Evolution, Modelling and Ecology” team (Demecology) which is composed of around 15 members with 9 permanent ones : 2 technicians, 2 assistant engineers, 1 research engineer (with Habilitation), 1 lecturer (with Habilitation) and 3 researchers (2 with Habilitations).

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Board member of a national network on landscape ecology and ecological modeling, since 2012

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Board member of a national network on scientific computing for agricultural research, since 2012

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